Why Google+ is Brilliant for Business

Google+ is a great platform for business. Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. Google logs 2 billion searches a day. Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+) is a multilingual social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.

One of the biggest advantages of using Google+ is that if your content is shared on Google+ then it signals to the Google search engine that your content is quality content and improves your chances of getting a good ranking.

Google+ for Business

Why Google+ is Brilliant for Business

  1. Hangouts: Make free video calls with up to 10 people, from your computer, smartphone and tablet. Team collaboration is better when you’re face to face. Google says “Hangouts offers a suite of productivity apps that let you share what’s on your screen, collaborate in Google Docs, view presentations and diagram together. To access these, simply click the “Add app” button inside your hangout to browse and add new apps. If a team member can’t join the hangout, you can also dial the person in by clicking on the “Invite” button and then the “+telephone” link.”
  2. Search Engine Optimization: If you are trying to get your website to the top of the search results in Google search engine, Google+ business pages are one of the best social media options. This is because Google+ business pages are quickly indexed and can be followed easily. Also, users can give content a “+1” which gives your website content a boost. Google takes into account the impact your website has on social media networks when deciding its search engine ranking.
  3. Circles: Google+ Circles can be used as to target messages to certain customer groups, based on location and demographics. For example, you can create Circles that include loyal customers only, and offer them news or content that only they can see, thus further consolidating your relation with them. Ultimately, Circles let you better manage your followers and target messages more effectively, to ultimately improve customer engagement. 
  4. Communities: Just like Facebook Groups, Google+ communities allows the admin to gather real-world groups of people with similar interests. Communities can be public or private.  Google+ Communities have three levels: Owners, Moderators and Members.  The owners and moderators are in charge of the content.  They can delete spam and decide upon the nature of all of the member’s posts. The members can post acceptable content.
    Sharing content regularly with the same core group of people, communities are a fast and fun way to stay in touch. This is also handy for businesses – keep in touch with your customers by regularly posting and communicating via Google+ communities.

As of September 2012, it has a total of 400 million registered users of whom 100 million are active on a monthly basis.  Are you one of them or are you missing out?

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Google+ for Business

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