What is Pinterest?

From my brief analysis of Pinterest and its impact on SEO the following is a quick guide of tips for SEO on Pinterest for SMEs.

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Tips For Search Engine Optimisation On Pinterest For SME Businesses

Pinterest may be one of the few social media sites that require little, if any, interaction with others – and although that may seem counter-intuitive, it’s also one of its strengths. While Twitter and Facebook require constant upkeep to stay on top of fan and follower comments, questions and shares, brands are able to push out content on their own time without a brand page to constantly update.

  • When setting up your Pinterest profile, do not select the option to hide your profile from search engines, and you should use the “About” description text to add keywords about your business. You should set the location with your city name (such as “Cork, Ireland”), add the URL to your company’s website and connect with your company Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Set up Boards using your city name, to collect pictures about your area (such as Cork), and name a Board after your business type, products or services.
  • Follow other Pinterest users in your area and Boards related to your areas of interest.
  • Try to “Pin” only good-quality, attractive pictures to your Pinterest Boards. Pinterest is highly visually-oriented, and to get any other users to show interest to your pictures they should be of good visual quality but also eye catching to stand out from all the other pictures.
  • When posting a picture to your locally-named board, describe it with good keyword text – just like the keywords used on your website.
  • Showing an interest in your overall area will attract local consumers. Photos of local landmarks are particularly good for this. Vote on other good-quality local Pinterest users’ photos by clicking their “♥ Like” buttons.
  • Have a good infographic designed which relates to your industry in some way, and use Pinterest to help distribute it – this is good for businesses you may have services to offer as opposed to photos of their products. Cross-promote your Pins on Facebook and Twitter.
  • SEO value of inbound links is a no-brainer for marketers looking to drive traffic to their content. Pinterest’s major selling point for users is the way it connects images – whether they are pictures of your products, infographics, photographs or even websites – with a stored link, making it easy to come back to pins’ original sources in the future. These links are logged as inbound links to these respective websites, boosting SEO.
  • The gifts section is the perfect portal for ecommerce promotion for any type of retail business. Just add a price to images and they will be added to the gift section of the site – great visibility, and for free!

Wondering what to post?

When it comes to determining what is “pinnable”, consider helpful FAQs, blog posts, product images, infographics and videos.

Remember Pinterest is all about visuals, and eye catching images. If you would like to “pin” a blog post – perhaps add a high quality picture.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of Pinterest before. So, thank you for this blog post. I will definitely be checking it out, as well as what other nifty little factoids your blog holds. ;)

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