Twitter to introduce redesign of profile pages

Twitter has revealed a new design for web profiles intended to help users show who they really are to the rest of the Twitter world. Some Twitter users have already been given access to these newly designed profiles but the majority of change overs will be made in the coming weeks. If you are not signed up to Twitter but do so today you will begin with the new profile and be guided on how to use it.

The new profile pages will resemble a web landing page including a larger customisable header photo, like that of Google+ and a larger profile picture similar to that of Facebook. Users profile pictures and bios will be moved to the left hand side of the page with separate tabs for Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers and Favourites and Lists.

Obama Twitter

The new design moves away from original single column timeline with Photos/Videos displayed in a gallery type two column format. The new header image dimensions in test versions are 1500 x 500 pixels meaning users will have to resize or change the image they are using so it doesn’t look distorted.

Also new to user’s profiles will be Best Tweets. This feature will enlarge tweets that have received the most interaction by other users which will make them much easier to find. Users will be given the option of ‘pinning’ tweets to the top of their profiles. This however will not be a permanent action and will be moved down their tweet timeline with every new tweet. Users will also be able to filter tweets they view as they scan other user’s profiles, leaving out tweets without images or replies.

Norah Casey Twitter

Check out Michelle Obama (@flotus), Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) and Weezer (@weezer) who are among some of the first users to have access to the new profile design.

Here in Ireland, the first person I noticed to have the new profile was Norah Casey (@NorahCasey)


I still don’t have the new profile,  so am still stuck with this old profile:

aoife twitter

Do you have the new profile? Do you like it? 

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