Mary Coleman Beauty Regain

I worked with Aoife Rigney for most of 2013 building up a Facebook page for my clinic on Grand Parade; Beauty Regain. This was a complete new area of business for me, as the last 27 years social media wasn’t my way to do business.
I was amazed with Aoife’s advice! We got over 5oo facebook fans in the first  few weeks. It is incredible how the mention of a new treatment or product got people coming in the door. Aoife did out a monthly planner so we knew ahead what was been pushed and again what worked with Aoife’s help.  I would strongly recommend working with Aoife, she has a great attitude and work etiquette and knows how to work social media in the businesses of today. I found her a pleasure to work with and look forward to working with her in the future again.

Mary Coleman, Beauty Regain

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