Eabha O'Leary Fitzpatrick, Business Development Executive

“I have had the great pleasure of having several social media training sessions with Aoife in the past few months. The first thing that struck me about Aoife is that she is extremely knowledgeable on all areas of social media and digital marketing. I was very impressed with how professional she was. I had plenty of questions and she had answers to them all. What I found very beneficial from our meetings is that she brought me through the whole process step by step including practical sessions and real life examples so that I fully understood the task at hand, so much so that even a few days later I could go back and redo the task without any difficulty. I can now say that from only a few sessions with Aoife and from attending one of her excellent training seminars, I honestly feel I am more confident understanding social networks and certainly more social media savvy – this has been hugely beneficial to the company. Thank you Aoife!”

Eabha O’Leary Fitzpatrick, Business Development Executive

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