SEO Tips

For a business who has a website – it is essential that you already practice each of the steps below and if you don’t – you should!

20 SEO tips:

  1. Google considers the first lines of the page important. Put menu, headers and important text on top of the page
  2. Check your Website’s rankings & compare them with your competitors
  3. When building a navigation menu, use descriptive anchor texts.
  4. Optimize the link structure of your website with a Link Structure tool
  5. Pages blocked in robots.txt continue receiving PageRank when they have links
  6. Using a coming soon page with description is better than having an empty or unreachable page
  7. Use alt and title tags for all the images.
  8. Examine Google Analytics reports frequently. Check the conversion and bounce rate and analyze traffic sources
  9. If possible select domain names that contain 1 important keyword of the site
  10. Have direct links from homepage to all the important pages of the site
  11. Analyze the keywords of your Article & improve your title relevance
  12. Avoid changing the name of the page. In this way you lose links and Page Rank
  13. Get extra links to your site by submitting interesting Articles, blog and forum posts with your site’s url
  14. Always check the strength of your competitors on Search Results during Keyword Research
  15. Use ‘-’ instead of ‘_ ‘as a keyword separator in URLS.
  16. Description should be short and clear description on the top and at the beginning of your website informing your website content and your business offer in brief. Don’t forget to emphasize your main keyword here
  17. Update your site’s content regularly – blogs and “latest news” sections are good for this. Fresh content can help improve your rankings. Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. Content freshness adds relevancy to your site in the eyes of the search engines.
  18. Use CSS and <divs> instead of tables as this helps you lower the size of the page and so it loads faster.
  19. Content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.
  20. Don’t design your web site without considering SEO. Make sure your web designer understands your expectations for organic SEO. Doing a retrofit on your shiny new Flash-based site after it is built won’t cut it. Spiders can crawl text, not Flash or images.

If you would like some assistance with the SEO of your website or just getting to grips with the idea of SEO, feel free to tweet me and I would be delighted to help.

My twitter account:!/aoiferigney

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Aoife Rigney is a digital marketing and social media strategist, advisor, trainer and event speaker. Aoife loves her work – it’s her passion! From training one to one or a large group, advising a business on their digital strategy or speaking to a room of people – she simply loves it!


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  2. Ooo! I love this post. (I’ll be Tweeting it momentarily, actually.)

    All the advice you give is absolutely great, and I can’t believe number seven never dawned on me, considering that a certain photo on my site is one of my greatest referrers to my blog.

    I only wish I would have realized number twenty before I designed my business website. Now I have a pretty Flash website that doesn’t pull search engines–which is why I’m combining it over into my blog bit by bit.

  3. Hi Jessica (again!!)

    Well for number 7, you can still change it! And if you have lots of images on your site – you should do this with all of them! Google Bot cannot recognise images and by adding the alt and title tags – it can then read these images!

    As for having a flash website – perhaps you need to focus on the content of your site to counter-balance the amount of flash… do a keyword analysis, then start adding content regularly with these keywords…? Blog is a good tool but may not be as good as your original website – which may be rectified before switching over fully..

    I hope this helps in some way…


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