Pinterest FAQs and 10 Tips for Beginners

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.

Pinterest for Business

Q: How do I ‘pin’ an image from the web onto a board?

A: There are a couple ways to do this. You can go to the menu bar at the top right of the Pinterest page and click [Add -> Add Pin]. From here, you can enter the URL of the website image and click ‘Pin it”.

Q: How do I find boards or members that I would like to follow?

A: You may want to choose some interesting boards or members you’d like to follow at [Boards -> Staff Favorites]. Here, the Pinterest team has chosen some of their favorite boards.

Q: How do I rearrange my boards so that my most frequently viewed are at the top (or any other arrangement)?

A: The pinterest staff has recently added this feature. Go to [Your user name -> Your Boards]. This should produce all of your boards. There is a ‘Rearrange’ button in the top right corner. Click that button, move your boards in the order you want, then click save. It’s as easy as that.

Q: How do I delete a pin or a board?

A: For either a board or a pin, you should see an ‘edit’ button when you hover over the image. Click ‘edit’ and then ‘delete (pin or board)’ in the new window that appears.

Q: How do I add a button to my blog or website?

A: To add a ‘follow me on Pinterest’ or a ‘pin it’ button to your site or blog, go to [About -> Goodies]. From here, you can select the type of button you want. Once you select it, the embedded code will appear. Copy the code, then (I’m speaking to wordpress users because that’s what I am) add it to your  widgets. Within wordpress dashboard, go to ‘widgets’, then select a text widget to add to your sidebar (or where ever you want it) and paste the embedded code in the text area of your widget.


10 quick tips for Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

  1. Use keywords in your descriptions. A lot of people leave descriptions like “Love this!” on their pins. I’m guilty too. However, keyword-rich descriptions will help get pins and boards found more easily via search. Great for all of us!
  2. Edit your pins. If you need to edit a pin, hover over it and click on the “Edit” button that appears. If you need to find the pin first, hover over your name in the top right of your screen, click on the “Pins” link in the dropdown menu. This will show you all your pins listed by the most recent. If it’s an older pin, click on the “Boards” link while hovering over your name and then you can find your pin by topic.
  3. Tag people in pins. Simply add the “@” sign to your descriptions to tag someone so they know you were talking about them.
  4. Organize your boards well. If your boards are clean and organized, you’ll get more followers than if everything is thrown around randomly and there’s no rhyme or reason to your pinning. Be specific with board titles also.
  5. Don’t just be a repinner. Be a pioneer pinner. In other words, don’t just repin what others have already pinned. Always be on the lookout for new pins that no one else has found.
  6. Don’t forget the iPhone app to use Pinterest on the go. Find them on the goodies page or in the app store.
  7. Keep track by finding out what of yours has been pinned. Type this into your browser (replacing “”):
  8. Link your site to your profile. You can make a clickable icon appear in your profile if you include your web address in your Settings. This will put a globe icon directly underneath your bio.
  9. Create exclusive boards. Make some boards exclusive to Pinterest followers only, so they’ll get content there that they won’t get elsewhere. This is good if you are anxious to increase your Pinterest followers.
  10. Spread out your pinning throughout the day. Pin throughout the day so you’ll always have fresh content on your followers’ homepages. When people search by category (which is how I most often find new pinners to follow), the most recent content will show up at the top of the page. Make it your goal to have content on the front page of your category as often as possible. Rather than pinning lots of stuff at once, spread out your pinning.

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