Simple LinkedIn Password Change

Yesterday, the news broke that 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords were stolen. The official LinkedIn Twitter account tweeted “Our team is currently looking into reports of stolen passwords. Stay tuned for more.” This news is particularly frightening for those of us who have profiles on the popular networking site.

The passwords were shared via a Russian hacker site, it has become apparent that the leak is legit.
It is strongly recommended that you change your LinkedIn Password. Also, it is advised to keep an eye on emails you recieve from LinkedIn. As with everything online, do not click on any suspect links.

Simple 4 Step Guide to Changing your LinkedIn Password:

Step 1:

Once logged in, click settings in the drop down menu under your name.

Step 2:

Click on Password Change option. Alternatively, you can click Account on the bottom left of the page, and then choose Change Password. (See Purple Arrow)

Step 3:

Next, the dialog box “Change Your Password” (below) appears. Enter your current (old) password, followed by your chosen new password. It is reccomended that a new password would contain a mix of capital and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols for example: pAssWorD002!

Step 4:

Your password has now been changed!

If you notice anything suspect with your LinkedIn account, send them an email:

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