LinkedIn to discontinue Products and Services tab from Company Pages

From April 14th 2014 LinkedIn will discontinue the Products and Services feature on all Company Pages. Until this date you will be able to edit your Products and Services page but you will not be able to add any new items to this feature of your Company Page.

You now have the following two options to share content regarding the products and services your company provides:

1. Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages on LinkedIn are like a miniature version of Company Pages and have been designed to highlight particular products or services a company provides and allowing interested people to ‘Follow’ a specific Showcase Page just like they do Company Pages. This feature gives companies the opportunity to communicate and build long term relationships with Followers based on the subject of the Showcase Page.

A banner image, logo, description and website URL can be added and specific admins can be assigned to manage the Showcase Page. Unfortunately, the Followers on your Company Page do not automatically follow your Showcase Page and for this reason your status updates from the Showcase Page may not be of value until you have acquired a significant following. Alternatively you could us sponsored updates and pay for your update to be shown to people who don’t follow your page.

The removal of the Product and Services feature also mean that all the recommendations you’ve received will no longer be on display on your Company Page. If you would like to keep a record of these recommendations then be sure to copy and paste them from the site or you can request a copy from LinkedIn.

2. Company Updates

The company updates feature is another way of sharing your products and services with your Followers. These updates will appear on your Company Page and in the news feed of your Followers. The advantage of this option is that when any of your Followers engage with your update it will appear to their connections, maximising the reach of your update.

Sharing content about your products and services through updates gives you the option to add videos, which can be played directly in the feed. Updates are also a great way of sharing content from your company blog.

For more information on LinkedIn’s decision to discontinue the Product and Services feature of Company Pages or to learn more about Showcase Pages or Company Updates visit

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