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Facebook today announced the global rollout of “Promoted Page Likes,” a feature similar to Promoted Posts but aimed at helping page owners get new fans without having to use the more complicated ad dashboard.

Facebook said “Promoted Page Likes allow Page owners to create ads aimed at gaining new fans directly from their Page.” You can read their full announcement here: http://www.facebook-studio.com/news/item/promoted-page-likes-now-available-globally

All pages with a location and profile picture will now have the “promote page” option in their admin panel. This was previously in beta for some users in the U.S. From here, Page owners can select a daily budget based on how many people they want to reach. Like Promoted Posts, these ads are bought with a preset price rather than on a cost per click basis.

Page owners can narrow down their audience by country, state or city. The ads are designed with small businesses in mind to help them garner more Likes for their pages without needing large budgets or sophisticated targeting. Be warned however, that unlike with Facebook’s other ad products, these ads will continue to run until an admin manually stops the campaign.

The ads will show in users’ news feed as well as in the right hand side of the desktop version of Facebook.com. After launching a Page ad, the basic stats on the Page ad campaign display in the same area within the admin panel.

Source: AllFacebook http://allfacebook.com/promoted-page-like-ads-global_b116234

Source: AllFacebook http://allfacebook.com/promoted-page-like-ads-global_b116234

Promoted Page ad campaigns don’t require large budgets or sophisticated targeting, though it is possible to set up and customize  both ad messages and targeting from the Ads Manager. To learn more and start your Page Like campaign, visit www.facebook.com/business/promoted-like.

I am yet to try out a Promoted Page campaign, however I intend to give it a go. My main concern about these promoted pages is that you may end up with irrelevant fans or worse still, spam fans. I will report back once I give it a go. For now, you’re up to date on the newest addition to your admin panel! Let me know if you give it a go…

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