Facebook Changes… What’s going on with business pages?

Have you noticed lots of changes on Facebook in recent weeks? I admin a number of Facebook pages for various businesses and noticed recently that the pages were having issues. Some issues I’ve experienced in recent days include:

  • Missing the news feed
  • No access to fan posts on the timeline
  • Limited access to private messages
  • Little or no notifications (even though people were interacting with the various pages)

So, during this frustrating time over the last week or so, I’ve had a closer look at Facebook and look what I found:

I spotted this “Pages feed” about 2 weeks ago, and noticed that my newsfeed had much less posts from business pages. Why? Because they are now only in this new “Pages feed”. This de-clutters the news feed and keeps all the Pages (business) posts together.

Facebook have launched this new feature hoping to satisfy business owners. The social network has been criticised for its News Feed option which was full of promotional posts mixed along with friend’s posts. Now, Facebook has cleared this up by introducing “Pages feed”.

The Pages feed seems to be a business oriented feature which has already been launched and soon all Facebook users will be able to see and use it.

Facebook claim that they have received a large amount of negative feedback from businesses. Facebook has to deal with a huge amount of spam posts from Pages which are considered irrelevant. This is all figured out with an algorithm called “Edgerank” which apparently is still “under construction” . One thing is certain… posts from business pages now reach fewer users.

The Pages Feed is just like your news feed, only it filters out all the other noise and brings you only the updates from the Pages you have liked -whether it’s 10 pages or 340. To access your personal Pages Feed, all you have to do is click on the Pages Feed link on your home screen of Facebook (shown in the image above).

I actually think I like this new feature… It gives me a chance to catch up on the brands and pages I follow while filtering out all the personal stuff at the same time. I can quickly review the latest business news, articles and such in one feed. I love this, it’s a time saver!

Have you noticed these changes? What impact do you think they will have on business pages?

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Aoife Rigney is a digital marketing and social media strategist, advisor, trainer and event speaker. Aoife loves her work – it’s her passion! From training one to one or a large group, advising a business on their digital strategy or speaking to a room of people – she simply loves it!


  1. Aoife, ty..I was wondering what was happening @ my end…

    • Thanks for reading Brenda. I think lots of people were wondering what was going on! I was worried that I had done something to cause all the “problems” I was experiencing… but no, it seems it was all to do with this new “pages feed”!

  2. well done Aoife – on one hand we can see business page posts reducing in reach but of course you can get extra reach when you write a cheque …show me the money !!

    • Thanks for reading Greg.
      Yes, I’ve noticed a significant drop in reach but I think this could have been (somewhat!) down to the fact that the newsfeed was so cluttered. I’m finding myself checking out the Pages feed just as much as the newsfeed! I have a feeling they may move the Pages feed option up under newsfeed on the left hand side panel – just my guess!

      Sponsored stories and promoted posts will be the way a Page gets their content from the Pages feed into the generic newsfeed – again, just my guess…

      If I was a gambling woman… etc etc etc!!

  3. De-cluttering. Can it be good? Will it be sponsored stories that clog our feeds instead? Yes it’s good, it give us the option of reviewing those pages we follow without trawling through endless feed.

  4. As I said to people during the week ” What is Facebook?” and the clever ones remarked ” An advertising company” that’s why business pages are harder to see !

  5. The sponsored posts are really annoying on FB, making me dislike it more and more as a personal social network. Twitter all the way!! Good post btw.

  6. Thanks Aoife. Good to know. I had a feeling they were going to do this.

  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date Aoife, I had a look last night and I think I’m getting to grip with the latest changes – I’m sure there’ll be more! :)

  8. Hi Aoife,
    Love your blog! :)

    Great feature and thanks for highlighting. I think for those of us who are used to looking at facebook all the time and see the changes it’s a great feature. However if you have fans who use facebook, but don’t keep up to speed how facebook chop and change, I guess you risk losing some interaction. You could always ask you fans to tuen on the “Get Notifications” tab on their feed. I wrote a post on it a while ago (http://www.virtualofficeworx.com/facebook-pages-get-notifications/) where many did, alot did not!!

    Of course as Greg says.. show me the money and it’s amazing what happens to your facebook insights. Switch off you ads for a bit and see the drop.. turn on and up you go! Is facebook a bit like the Google model with AdWords now?

    The joys of facebook marketing!! :)


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