5 Social Media Tips for SMEs

Social Media Tips for SMEs

Social Media Tips for SMEs

1. Choose your platform: A social media marketing campaign is a fantastic idea for any SME; however it is important to do a bit of research into the platform you will be using before starting. You must figure out which social networks are your target audience using.  Focus on one or two social networks to ensure you get the best return on your investment, rather than trying to have a presence on every single social network. Also, make sure you have analytics tools to monitor insights. Facebook has its own insights tool called Facebook Insights. It would be advisable to learn how to interpret these insights.

2. Regular Posting: It’s all fine and well to start a social media campaign but how do you keep your audience interested and engaged? Well one way is, regularly post updates and information. This will ensure your content appears in your followers’ and fans’ feeds and therefore will keep your company in your audience’s minds. Failure to post regularly, engage with your followers will reduce or decimate your return on investment and will end up being a waste of time.

Social Media Tips for SMEs3. Engaging with your audience: Following on from posting regularly, another extremely important point when running a social media campaign is to constantly engage with your audience. Just putting up a blog or a Facebook fan page won’t do much good if visitors sense the flow of conversation only goes one way. Regular posting is fine but what you are really looking to achieve is to have your audience posting to your social media networks with questions, comments, photos and other interactions. This kind of engagement is crucial because it shows that your campaign is working and your brand is on the minds of your (potential) customers.

Social Media Tips for SMEs4. Branding: Branding your campaign is essential as it is your company that you want stick in your customers’ minds.  When it comes to placing your company’s brand on your social networking sites you are often quite limited.  Twitter allows you to alter everything from the page background image but sites such as Facebook only allow you to edit a profile image and now with new rules regarding the cover photos, branding is even more important. Your social media branding needs to be consistent with the branding of your company – not changing your Twitter account background style or not putting up a Facebook profile image that accurately represents your brand is like having no contact details listed on your website!

5. Competitions & Campaigns: One of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience is to offer them something, or to run a competition for them to enter. Ideas include offering a free sample of their products to interested parties engaging on your page. The success is often measured by the amount of “likes” received. Reward customer loyalty through social media, companies can not only run promotions more frequently than coupons in the mail will permit but also devise more whimsical and engaging campaigns. As you can see it’s a very simple but effective way of increasing their product awareness and gaining new customers.

Social Media Tips for SMEs

Social media can help you find passionate customers who are more than willing to spread the word about your company. Social Media offers businesses the opportunity to build and maintain relationships with your audience by interacting with them. Your audience will learn to trust you, your opinions and suggestions and more importantly your products. Essentially, the aim of your social media campaign is the same as any other marketing campaign – you want your business stuck in the minds of consumers. Social Media is the best way to achieve this!

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