5 Simple Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Recently I set up my very own facebook page (AR Digital Marketing). It is a Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media resource for SMEs. I am really enjoying it so far; the page reached 100 likes in less than 2 weeks as well as having great interaction!

This is just quick post with simple tips to encourage engagement on your facebook page. As always, I would love to hear your tips and hints. Feel free to comment below!

Facebook Engagement

1. If no interaction – stop posting!  Facebook use a number of algorithms as part of their system for sharing information. EdgeRank is the algorithm which determines who sees what, basically it determines what social “objects” (i.e. updates, posts, photos, actions etc) you will see in your Facebook news feed. Simply, it takes into account what you like, who’s posts you comment on, what you share and how you interact. It takes this information and uses it to determine not only which of your connections is the most important to you, meaning their content appears most frequently, but also which kinds of content should appear higher than others. This is called Facebook Edge Rank. 

Facebook Engagement Tips

2. Use Pictures with Posts: every small business can use images to grab attention, whether they use product images, photos of their stores and customers, inspirational quotes, etc. Facebook posts with photos are the most likely to engage users. Photos, obviously, grab attention visually and people must click them to get a closer look. So use an intriguing photo to get people’s attention. Be sure to say something about the photo, too.

Facebook Engagement Tips

3. Post fan orientated status updates! Make a statement, and then ask a Question. Ask questions to increase comments. Encourage people to engage with you – and each other – by regularly asking questions. Readers will know you value their opinions, and while not everyone will comment, questions will encourage many more to participate than statements alone. Perhaps you could start a debate on one of your status updates which lots of your followers contribute to. Not only will the number of comments increase the likelihood of that particular item appearing in the newsfeed, but also anyone who has made a contribution will have increased their affinity to you.

Facebook Engagement Tips

4. Keep it Fresh: Update every day or every couple of days. Don’t reuse a popular picture or post. Share trending videos or pictures via “Share” to give credit to the original person and also to increase the interaction between pages.

Facebook Engagement Tips

5. Have fun: Let your personality shine through. Posting only about your latest offers will put people off and comes across as hard sales! Don’t be over bearing – let loose and enjoy engaging with your followers. Be friendly, helpful and give them the support where needed. Encourage them to post on your timeline with pictures of your product! 

Facebook Engagement TipsHow do you get engagement on your facebook page?

I would love to hear your tips and experiences!

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Aoife Rigney is a digital marketing and social media strategist, advisor, trainer and event speaker. Aoife loves her work – it’s her passion! From training one to one or a large group, advising a business on their digital strategy or speaking to a room of people – she simply loves it!


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