4 Most Annoying Facebook Habits We Are All Guilty Of

So, we’re all friends on Facebook – but which friends Facebook activity drives you mad? We’re all guilty of these Annoying Facebook habits, which ones bug you the most?

App Requests 

So you might enjoy running an imaginary online farm or café, but believe it or not people have real farms and cafés to run and are fed up receiving your regular app requests! Unless you have discussed in detail your love for Farmville with a fellow Facebook friend we advise you to avoid sending those app requests. You might be only asking them to be your neighbour on a virtual plot of farming land but the reality is almost everyone hates app requests.

Cryptic Status Updates

We’ve all been guilty of it at some stage and we can all spot a Cryptic Status Updater a mile off. It begins with an open ended statement suggesting the person is happy, angry or sad but does not disclose the crucial details, prompting others to ask a series of questions to find out what happened. At the end of the day we all want to know what happened, but the majority of us are slow to ask and will wait for someone else to come along, spot the status and take the bait!

Adding To Random Groups

It’s no secret that Facebook is a great way to bring people together, old friends from school or members of a GAA club but when a group chat is used to round up as many people as possible and ask them to do something, people get annoyed. People who create these groups generally have good intentions and want to reach as many people as possible with their endeavour but the reality is we don’t want to receive 150 notifications from this group chat and by the time we have scrolled all the way back to the start to find out what it is about we are not in a very charitable mood and are simply bored and frustrated!

The Relationship Update(s)

Don’t get us wrong, we are very happy for you and your new found happiness, but we are not however fans of receiving an update every time there is a smile, a present, dinner or a trip to the cinema. Remember your Facebook friends list comprises of family, friends, friend’s family members, co-workers, friends of friends and strangers who simply want to be your friend on Facebook and don’t want a subscription service to your relationship.

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